Printable Free Blank Map Of The World With Countries

Are you looking for a Blank World Map with Countries? We provide one of the good quality maps in the world. Ever wondered what is a map? I mean, do you know the definition of a map?

A map is a diagrammatic representation of an area emphasizing relationships between elements of space, such as objects or themes. In schools, maps are utilized to teach kids about various geographical features, such as rivers, valleys, mountains, continents, seas, oceans, and lakes.

Moreover, maps play an important role in understanding the current world order, the location of various countries, important trade routes, etc.

Did you know 71 percent of the earth is covered with water, and only 29 percent of the earth is land? The total percentage of land (i.e., 29 percent) houses around 8 billion people. On a thematic map, demographic distribution can be represented using different symbols to show the distribution of the population, which helps take policy decisions for the government.

Last but not the least, a well-structured map can create effective imagery in the mind of the reader that will be helpful not only in remembering various nation-states but also helps in understanding the evolution of various cultures.

Blank Map Of World Printable Template

Here we provide a blank printable template of the world map. It helps in understanding the size and shape of different continents and oceans. As there are no boundaries of countries shown, it is an apt choice for marking the physical features, such as mountain ranges, drainage systems, or plains.

Did you know any place on the earth can be located on the map using latitude and longitude? Yes, that is how the GPS (Global Positioning System) in our phone works. It extracts the position of an object from a satellite system and locates the same on the map, visible on the phone screen.

Latitudes are horizontal lines north or south of the equator that measures the distance to the equator. Longitudes are vertical line connecting the north pole to the south pole that measures the distance (east or west) to the prime meridian (0 degrees) in Greenwich, England.

Blank Map Of World Countries PDF

Here we provide a blank map of world countries in PDF (Portable Document Format). Now one might reasonably ask why in PDF? PDF is a convenient, secure, and compact format that can be accessed from a variety of platforms, it is the most used format as well. Students use this map of the world to learn about the boundaries of countries, which is useful in numerous competitive exams, such as UPSC, SSC-CGL, or UPPCS. Most students get several copies printed of this map and mark various important geographical locations, which they use to practice and revise, just before the exams, for better recollection.

Blank Physical World Map Printable

Here we provide a printable physical map of the world. This type of map is used to study various physical features of the earth, such as geomorphology, climatology, or oceanography.

In geomorphology, the location of minerals, mountains, plateaus, plains, volcanos, etc. are marked on different regions of the map to better understand the geography of a particular state or the world in general.

In climatology, the location of planetary winds, periodic winds, local winds, pressure belts, etc. are marked on different regions of the map to better understand the climate of a particular area or the world in general.

In oceanography, bottom relief features of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans, salinity distribution, waves and tsunamis, distribution of coral reefs, etc. are marked on different regions of the map to better understand an ocean of a particular area or the world in general.

World Map Without Labels

Here we provide a world map without labels. This is as versatile as it gets. This map can be transformed into one of the above categories or more depending on one’s need. This map can be used as political, physical, thematic, etc. This map is highly suitable for people with a diverse set of needs or people who aren’t very sure at this moment what they are looking for.

World Map With Black And White Outline

Who doesn’t like the color black and white? They have been the classic since time millennia. So, here we provide a world map with a black-and-white outline for a formal yet classic presentation. Whether a school presentation or an office presentation this map is the right choice for a formal yet appealing presentation.

Blank Map Of World Continents

Here we provide a blank map of the world’s continents. This map is ideal to teach kids about different continents’ locations relative to each other and their respective names. Also, a teacher can use these maps to test the knowledge of children about geography.

All these maps given above can be used by teachers and students alike to not only gain knowledge but also to develop a diverse big picture of the whole world.