Printable Free Blank Map of Germany - Outline Map, PNG Map

Take a look at our Printable Blank Map of Germany and use it to explore the comprehensive geography of the country. The map comes in the easy-to-printable form comprising the geography of German states and the country as a whole.

It also comprises a Transparent Map that facilitates the smooth learning of the country's physical geography. You can use this map whether you are an academic scholar or a general individual to gain basic geographical knowledge of the country.

Essential Facts of Germany:

Legal Name Federal Republic of Germany
Capital City Berlin
52 31 N, 13 24 E
Total Area 357,587.00 km2
Land Area 357,587.00 km2
Water Area 7,798.00 km2
Population 83,132,799
Major Cities
  1. Berlin (3,562,038)
  2. Hamburg (1,789,954)
  3. München (Munich) (1,538,302)
  4. Köln (Cologne) (1,118,789)
  5. Frankfurt am Main (777,156)
  6. Stuttgart (632,692)
  7. Duesseldorf (631,942)
  8. Leipzig (591,052)
  9. Dortmund (589,600)
  10. Essen (582,128)
Currency EUROS (EUR)
GDP $4.223 Trillion
GDP Per Capita $50,801.79

Germany or officially the Federal Republic of Germany is a European country that comes from central Europe. It is one of the most significant European countries both in the context of its population and infrastructure. Germany is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia with over 82 million people. Berlin is the official capital and also the largest city of the country holding the central nerves of its economy.

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Blank Map of Germany Outline

Are you willing to draw the whole map of Germany but not have enough skills or knowledge, to begin with, the same? Well in such a scenario we advise you to have a look at our ideal outline format for the German map.

This is quite an interactive map for beginners who are just getting started learning the geography of this country. With this map, they can ideally draw the German map from the very scratch in an accurate manner without needing any external guidance.

Blank Map of Germany Outline

Since the map comes with an outline that works as the guideline for drawing the whole map. These outlines are the highlighted feature of the map as they make it super smooth to draw the whole map. This is the reason why the outline map is highly preferred by beginner geographical scholars.

So if you are someone in your academic and want to learn to draw the geographical structure of Germany then this is the map for you.

How To Download a Printable Blank Map of Germany

We have kept our German geographical map simple to use and access for all our learners having a keen learning interest. Keeping the same thing in our consideration we have provided this fully printable and downloadable map for their learning reference. Here is how the map can be downloaded by using some simple below-mentioned steps.

  • Take a look at the desired size of the graph paper for your reference.
  • You can tap on the map and zoom in or zoom out to get its comprehensive outlook.
  • Once you are satisfied with the size and type of map then you are good to go with the map.
  • Tap on the pdf download option below the map and it will begin the downloading option.
  • Once the map is downloaded then you can use it just like you want in a digital format.
  • The traditional format of the map can also be gotten by simply printing the map in physical format.

So, this is how the map of Germany can be downloaded by any geographical learning enthusiast. This map can be shared on the web platform to facilitate the group learning of German geography.

Printable Blank Map of Germany

It is never an easy task for a beginner to prepare a full-fledged map of any country's geography since it requires time, knowledge, and skills. This is why we always recommend going with the printable format of the map which makes the whole thing a lot easier. 

Printable Blank Map of Germany

We are here with one similar format of the German printable map for all our scholar's readers to facilitate their learning of the country's geography. This is the map that comes in its readily usable state and doesn't demand any effort from the users.

All they need to do is to print the map and begin their geographical learning right after. Besides the map offers both digital and traditional physical formats to fulfill the learning requirements of enthusiasts.

What Are the States of Germany?

German is a federal state that divides its whole political geography into several states. There are total 16 numbers of states in the country that are operated under the state federal government of the country. So as a geographical enthusiast, you are supposed to learn the political geography of the country. 

What Are the States of Germany

The best way to learn political geography is always to explore the state political geography of the country. We have here developed dedicated maps of the German state's geography to assist the scholars in their learning. They can ideally use our dedicated map here and explore the comprehensive geography of the German states.

Transparent PNG Germany Map

The transparent map is ideal for those who are looking forward to exploring in depth geography of Germany. The map is especially recommended to learn the physical geography of the country. The transparent map provides a transparent view of the country's physical geographical structure. 

Transparent PNG Germany Map

For instance, with the map, you can dig deeper into the rivers, mountains, plateaus oceans, and other monuments. With the map, you will get the most realistic view of all these geographical aspects to complement your learning. If you are someone who is doing research in German geography then this map comes highly recommended for your purpose.

Germany Blank Map For Practice Worksheet

Once you learn the geography of Germany the next ideal thing comes to get into the regular practice of the country's geography. It is simply for this reason since without practice geography can't be perfected. Most geographical enthusiasts tend to forget their learning over some time and this is why they need a relevant source of practice for themselves. 

Germany Blank Map For Practice Worksheet

Our practice worksheet comes with a random set of questions based on the geography of the country. One can attempt to answer these questions to check their standard of learning and excel at the same. The practice worksheet is highly ideal for scholars who are learning German geography in their course of academic learning.